Thursday, May 29, 2014

Network Marketing business success key is duplication

Duplication is the key component of a successful  team involved in direct selling activities.

The operation duplication starts at the moment we contact a new person , when we try to attract him to our business opportunity.

The words we say , the files and info we send , all the actions we do during  our initial approach are subliminally absorbed  and recorded .

Happened to me many times , with many different network marketing companies  and MLM sponsors , i realized  that i was acting  and behaving exactly as my sponsor was , same words , same story .

Well , all this concept is good if you have an exeptional sponsor , and if you are very good at talking to people about network marketing businesses and mlm products , most of the people i know is not !
especially those individuals living in Europe and Asia trying to phone to mlm prospects in US or Canada,
which are in my opinion the "direct selling golden market ", and are already penalized from a strong foreign accent , if not from the language.

Wavefour group solved the duplication issue , we linked a very professional Telemarketing firm to our Network Marketing company , Ocean Avenue . Ocean Avenue is a rapidly expanding direct sales company, established in 2012. This means the Timing is Perfect to position yourself in front of the Wave of Massive Growth which has started to occur.

The company will announce a Merger with a Multi-Billion Dollar Company in June 2014.
This will open up markets in a total of 29 Countries!
It also provides liquidity to support the company's Extremely Lucrative Compensation Plan.

 While there are numerous ways to build a thriving Ocean Avenue business, the power of our Automated Sales Process is hard to beat!

You'll have an entire team of Sales Professionals to take care of calling your prospects and do all of the Network Marketing Business Building FOR YOU.
Our highly trained professionals will:
  • Contact your Prospects on your behalf.
  • Explain the entire business to them.
  • Answer any questions they have.
  • Follow-up with them on your behalf.
  • Enroll them into your business for you.
  • Set them up on the same system that worked to enroll THEM!
We take all the pressure out of approaching people on your own.

 Let us go to work for you!!!    

fill the form with your best phone number in this page now !             

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OK... So make sure you watch out for our phone call to YOU. You'll see first-hand just what our product, company, and proven business system is all about. And of course we'll answer any questions you may have.

If you just can't wait... feel free to call us directly at 1-888-255-5909            my ID (3324MF)

We look forward to working with you!

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