Saturday, October 25, 2014

JM Ocean Avenue Opened UK online enrolling

Breaking news :

JM Ocean Avenue just added UK ( United Kingdom ) to the list of the countries allowed
to Online enrolling via website .

Individuals from UK can now register online here :

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to join JMOA Ocean Stars team

Follow these few steps if you want to join JM Ocean Avenue in the best active and supportive team

                                                          Ocean Stars

Step 1 -  Contact me using the form in this blog , i will need to know your country ,
so i can send you detailed informations and prices on how getting started.

Step 2 -  Check the available JM Ocean Avenue products

Step 3 - Check the very innovative compensation plan ( no binary)

Step 4 - Being part of the Ocean Stars team you will have many benefits :

  • Class A support from all our upline 
  • Private training and content area in our website
  • Replicated  website 
  • The OceanStars seal (for your own websites)
  • Your very own site
  • Special "country specific" documentation
  • Facebook Fan Page program training & materials
  • Home Spa Party Guide
  • B2B Salons & Spas video training series
Not to mention access to our training/event calendar as well as a full list of archived conference calls (so much amazing information to share!)