Friday, October 7, 2016

OneLife Network / OneCoin.
Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who is revered as one of the foremost experts on cryptocurrency and finance, was awarded the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year award in 2014. Later that same year she founded the OneCoin company, which quickly became one of the most successful brands on the market. Since 2015 the number of Members worldwide has grown to almost 2 million people from and continues growing by the day.
The OneLife Network is a fast-growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. When mining OneCoins, users become part of a global network of MILLIONS of OneCoin miners, called the OneLife Network.
Facts about the OneLife / OneCoin:
  • Of the top 10 income earners for all network marketing companies in the world, 5 are with the OneLife Network / OneCoin.
  • The OneLife Network is present in almost every country.
  • There are over 2.4 MILLION active members.
  • There is no cost to join and no requirement to sponsor to make money.

Onecoin | Onelife , Online Business Opportunity

  • OneCoins are easy to mine, easy to trade and easy to use. Because of the way OneCoin has structured its organization and operations, no complicated hardware or advanced knowledge is needed to mine and use coins.
  • The OneCoin blockchain is already a secure tool that creates a cost-efficient business network and, on October 1, 2016, the new blockchain will be unique in its capacity and will process more transactions than major credit card providers, run every minute, store users’ Know-Your-Customer documents and set a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • OneCoin is the FUTURE OF PAYMENTS: users will be able to make payments and transfer money to and from any part of the world easily.