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AlphaMeta is whole grains-based nutritional supplement extracted from specially selected rice strains cultivated organically. It provides a complete range of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and polysaccharides that stimulates the production of bio-energy and revitalizes the body systems in order to achieve a balanced health.

1. Most complete whole-food nutritional supplement The most primitive food of mankind, with nutrients recognized the most by the body cells, more easily to be assimilated and absorbed.
2. Pure, natural organic health food International organic certification, non-GMO, free from preservative and additive, safe to be consumed.
3. A unique highly bioactive functional supplement Uses a patented of Stabilization and Alphaglycanology extraction technology, preserves its nutrient activity, increases absorption rate.
4. Recognized by renowned international medical experts Recommended by the experts in writing, research collaboration with many medical research institutes and universities.


Dr. Somchai Boonchuen,Ph. D (Thailand)
- Ph. D in Biochemistry, Kasetsart University, Thailand
- Director of Research & Development, MacroFood Tech Co. Ltd
“Energy determines the existence of life. Low energy & inconsistent energy sources in living organisms are the major cause of abnormalities in your body. AlphaMeta provided a strong foundation to support good health and keeps our body cells stronger (the basic unit of body system)”
Dr. Mark Smith, PhD, ND
— President & Chairman of the Board University of Natural Medicine, USA
“AlphaMeta is rare product, this is a one of kind product genuinely providing the essential raw materials that cells need in order to produce the cellular energy necessary for normal body functions and keep the body energetic. I've not seen any other products in 25 years of integrated medical practice that come close to AlphaMeta in terms of instantly enhancing energy and able to provide consistent anti-aging effect deep down into cellular level.”

- Promotes healthy growth of bone and muscle system
- Keeps the body energetic
- Strengthens brain cell, improves concentration power and memory
- Promotes better digestion, thus prevent gastro-intestinal problems
- Strengthens the stamina, relieve tiredness
- Sharpens the mind, improve efficiency of work
- Promotes better skin repairing, improve skin beauty
- Regulates hormone secretions
- Improves sexual health

- Improves memory which helps in preventing Alzheimer disease
- Strengthens the immune system
- Delay skin ageing, keep radiant skin
- Promotes better stamina

Patients - Strengthens immunity, reduces inflammation
- Promotes cell repair, shortens recovery period
- Keeps energetic, enhances physical fitness

Using spoon provided, sprinkle 1 scoop (10g) onto water or beverage. Stir and drink. Recommended 1-2 times daily.
Store in cool and dry place.

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