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JM Ocean Avenue - from Mike Darling (my sponsor)

JM Ocean Avenue

Last week I was one of about a dozen top leaders flown into JM Ocean Avenue (JMOA) corporate headquarters for a 2-day leadership summit. Since the merger on 6/5 between JMI and Ocean Avenue there have been a number of typical bumps and issues that have come up. This was of course somewhat expected given the fact the company would be upgrading its compensation plan, installing new back office software, and expanding into more than 20 new countries simultaneously. Thus the meeting allowed corporate to update us on the status of various issues… but much more than that… it provided an opportunity for the new management team to lay out the company’s vision an invite us to directly participate in the planning and execution of it.
In almost 2 decades of dealing with direct sales companies and executives at a corporate level… (from the objective perspective of servicing distributors via Veretekk rather than promoting business opportunities myself)… I can state unequivocally that this company is going to stun the industry with its performance and growth. The culmination of events is so incredibly rare… and opens up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that literally anyone can capitalize on who is paying attention. Incredible wealth will be created for thousands of people in the coming months alone. And the systems and advantages made available to our group make it possible for you to be part of something that people will talk about forever.
Don’t take my word for it.
If you know me… or are one of Veretekk’s 100,000′s of active subscribers… or perhaps a founding member of MarketHive… then you know I value INTEGRITY about all else. This is why over the years each time some new company launches, scores of you contact me for advise and perspective. And you also know that I have never gone out on a limb to fully endorse or recommend any business because frankly… I am unwilling to put my reputation in the hands of company executives who I’m not 100% confident in or businesses with questionable “opportunities” for people I care about.
Back in April when JMOA (pre-merger) flew me down for an initial meeting I was extremely impressed. But after this past week, spending time with the new management team, hearing their vision, and contributing to its execution… it’s no longer a case where anyone need to take my word for it. JMOA will eclipse the market and all competitors… and the business case for that claim is vividly clear:

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1) Explosive Product

You can dress up a business opportunity with smoke a mirrors and promote an exciting compensation plan, or tout how great the company is, or how easy it’s going to be to succeed… but in the end it’s all about the PRODUCT. Over the years I’ve seen just about every type of product or service imaginable come and go from this industry. Many of them are very good products (perhaps you are marketing one right now?) But in all those years I have NEVER seen a product like the 2 Minute Miracle Gel which can claim the following:
- Works 100% of the time.
- Works on 100% of people.
- Takes just 2 minutes to see the result.
- Has a true “wow factor”.
As a result the response from people is immediate and overwhelmingly positive. No need to “try this product for 60 days” before someone can even form an opinion! But for those of us interested in developing a huge business and income… the advantages are as obvious as they are exciting. After 18 years of involvement in this industry I have never seen a product that can offer such huge potential for rapid massive growth!
In fact… while I can’t name names… I am aware of several TOP COMPANIES in the industry that have expressed strong interest in acquiring the rights to the 2 Minute Miracle. They are all badly in need of the next “new thing” and are frankly TERRIFIED of the competition they are about to face as JMOA lifts off.

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2) Ground Floor Timing

We’ve all heard various “get in now… on the ground floor” types of claims. But what it is that’s so appealing about this ground floor? Why do people promote that as being such a big deal? Simple… because if you were one of the initial investors in Apple or Microsoft… or were one of the first distributors in Amway, Avon, Herbalife, or Mary Kay then you would would have positioned yourself in front of a wave of growth so massive that your simple involvement with the business would have swept you up allowing you to create massive wealth just for being at the right place at the right time.
So the concept of “getting in early” is real. The problem with start-up companies is that the RISK is also very real. Many if not most go out of business and fail within 2 years. The reasons for this vary but are almost always tied in some way to running out of money. But with JMOA you have a “start up” company backed by owners with more than $2 billion in annual sales. Liquidity is of no concern here!
Ocean Avenue is gone… JM Ocean Avenue is literally a brand new company, flush with capital, opening into 20+ markets, with the most sought after product in the industry.  Now that’s a ground floor, start up opportunity you want to be a part of!

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3) Highest Paying Compensation Plan

You hear a lot of claims by companies about their comp plans… Well JMOA has thrown down the gauntlet and has… bar none… the largest payout of ANY COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY. The numbers are easily demonstrated… pick any other company and it’s comp plan will pale severely in comparison. I have seen the detailed numbers and analysis and that’s the bottom line.
Why? Because JMOA can afford to do it. They know what they are sitting on. They know they have the industry’s best product. It is almost a badge of honor to say they also want to definitively offer the world’s most lucrative compensation plan. They know that the combination with crush competitors and empower millions of distributors.

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4) Vacation Club

Beyond the comp plan and financial opportunity, the Vacation Club is a HUGE part of this company’s culture. As you grow your business you will also be automatically accumulating “vacation points” (which add up extremely fast due to group/team volume and special multipliers for anyone working at all). You can then redeem them to go on world class vacations at 5 star resorts around the globe. Most people struggle to even just take an average vacation each year… now imagine being able to take your family to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the world as a side benefit to growing your business and making a ton of money?!?
But here’s the kicker… IT IS TOTALLY PAID FOR. Not just the all-inclusive 5 star resort, meals, alcohol, and entertainment… but your airfare as well. But not just for you – this is for you, your spouse and 2 children ALL FULLY PAID!!!
This is a company with “family values” literally woven into the fabric of its culture. These are not trips where you go and sit in business seminars all day. These are fun, carefree vacations where you’re surrounded with other like-minded and successful people… while kids are running around giggling and adults having just as much fun! Don’t have kids, or are not married? Then bring 3 of your best friends!
There are people who are going to grow a JMOA business purly because of the Vacation Club. Entire companies have been created around this one concept… and yet with JMOA you get the most amazing vacations as a basic side effect of the business itself.

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5) Corporate Leadership

This is a company with a extremely credible and experienced executive team. The goal of JMOA is to literally become the largest direct sales company in the world in the coming years, eclipsing Amway and all other companies in annual sales. The goal could not be higher… But for anyone scoffs at it, stop and consider the formidable executive team in place to do it.
Joe Zhou is the Chairman of JMOA. He created JMI and took it from nothing to more than $2 billion in annual sales in just 6 YEARS. He clearly understands the industry and market in a way few others do and has proven the ability to select and empower incredible talent to run his businesses.
Tim Richardson (CEO) was appointed to take over shortly after the June merger was official. Tim is experienced at running fortune 500 level companies. His track record is spotless, and his expertise in developing fully global companies is tough to match. He is well connected to major players through the industry and brings heavy experience in capitalization, global distribution, and executive management.
Josh Higginbotham and Camaron Corr (VP’s Sales, Marketing, Systems, and Training) have proven experience and results from years in the field in direct sales. Frequent 6-figure monthly earners in other companies having developed sales organizations with 100,000′s of distributors, they have a very firm grasp on the “systems” needed to allow simple actions to duplicate causing a company to absolutely explode.
This is not a management team that’s been created based on “who someone knew” or perhaps who just happened to live in the area. This is a hand selected team from the best in the entire industry. Few direct sales companies can claim such competence (including some in the top 10 worldwide).

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6) Truly “Global” Business

Lots of companies claim to be “global” but few really are. When you look closely many are simply licensed to sell in a couple countries and feel that qualifies them to use the term. Others are “technically” approved to do business in say 10 countries but in reality have virtually no sales volume occurring in them and thus a very weak corporate presence (if any) on the ground in each market. Then there are the distribution and logistics problems… as well as certain aspects of the comp plan or special promotions only available to certain markets. Everyone else is cut out. How global is that?
When JMOA says it’s a global company… it really is. There is a full management team (regional president down to customer service) in EACH of the different country markets, all of whom report to the CEO. Each market has its own offices (and these are extremely impressive 5 star set-ups… you can be positive that anyone you send there will be blown away). But more than its physical presence and local management teams, EVERYTHING about the company is designed to be global. That means a global compensation plan (no “North America Only” components or promos). Even the Vacation Club is going global.
In today’s world even if you don’t know people in other countries yourself… people in your downline will. Advances in technology, the Internet, and social media have made the world very small. People in other markets have been frustrated for years about the lack of access and opportunity to businesses that truly are global. In the first month after the JMOA merger roughly 300,000 new distributors enrolled in international markets. And that is just the beginning…

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7) Leveraged Technology

As someone coming from the world of internet marketing I can tell you first hand how millions of distributors have been utterly frustrated with the fact that NO COMPANY in the industry has of yet fully embraced and leveraged the technology available. Many companies still have policies preventing people from even marketing online or using systems as simple as eBay… unbelievable! (but very very true).
JMOA really gets it… and is implementing a series of powerful systems that have never put together this way. Systems that fundamentally change the old MLM approach of, Step 1: Create your list… Step 2: Call your prospects, etc. By fully leveraging mobile tech and other tools JMOA distributors will build businesses in ways other companies don’t even understand. Empowering new people with hyper-duplicable processes allows them to be exploding their business and making money their first week… before they even understand how anything works!
But that’s just the beginning. The company has a solid understanding of social networking systems and understands how to help distributors leverage them. Where other companies just encourage people to go “promote” their business on social sites, JMOA understands that people simply rushing out there and “throwing up” everything on people is actually counterproductive. Instead they are developing systems to provide people with valuable, unique content they can use in their Facebook post, Tweets, etc. Material proven to open up dialog and interest rather than just pitch some new deal.
As for Internet policy… I have been very vocal with my concerns. “Internet Use Policy” has been a festering issue in this industry for years. But as a testament to the company’s desire to directly involve and welcome contributions from the field, I’ve been asked to personally draft the company’s Internet use policy! Of course it will go through several rounds of revision and legal approval, but it provides direct evidence of the respect held by the company for leadership in the field and expertise we also bring to the table.

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8) Personal Improvement

The personal development/self improvement industry has a natural fit with the direct sales/network marketing industry. People with home based businesses are very often the same ones interested in personal growth as well as financial and professional growth. But for the first time in history, JMOA is actually incorporating these concepts right into the business itself.
It’s important for someone to know what really motivates them… to know what values are most important in their lives… and to continually internalize the positive approach that goes into being successful. This is not some “ra-ra” tell yourself in the mirror how great you are type of thing… This is a deeply scientific and effective series of exercises that are being woven into the very culture and identity of JMOA. From day 1 new people will feel very different about their lives and the positive emotion they get from their business. There will be many people who join this business purely for this cultural aspect as it does not exist anywhere else.

The bottom line is simple. This is your chance to be part of a ground floor opportunity that is going to absolutely shake the foundation of this industry.
If you have been following these developments or have read this article it means you are faced with a serious delima. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO HEARD ABOUT THIS AND DID NOTHING.
That’s not to say you should rush out and enroll without thinking or doing your homework. Contact me (406-370-1233 or skype thewwwguy) and I can point you to additional details and information. But now that you know… the ball is in your court to do something about it. I can honestly say (and I direct this to the many 1,000′s of you I met over the years through Veretekk and have watched struggle in your businesses) that you will most likely never come across a business opportunity of this magnitude again. I’ve been watching closely for just shy of 20 years now… and have never seen anything come close.
Here’s to the journey!
Michael Darling - The WWW Guy
Michael Darling

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